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The Bible says God’s Church is a Spiritual House built of ‘living stones’ which are His people. We are a people of different ages, abilities, backgrounds and cultures. Some of us have been Christians for many years, some have recently come to believe Jesus is Lord, some are still seeking and some simply curious. We are informal and go out of our way to make sure children and young people are included. Some have special needs and we all help and support one another in prayer and practical ways. In other words, we’re a big family!

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Leadership Team

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History of the Church

  • At the time the Cuckoo Estate was built, a State Church was opened (St. Christopher’s) and a plot of land left empty for a free church (not Church of England).

    This took some time, so before Cuckoo Free Church was built (re-named North Hanwell Baptist Church in 1938), the plot was used as the Estate’s rubbish dump.

    What marvellous proof of God’s transforming power! He takes something ugly and turns it into something beautiful!

    Our Worship Room is still the original wooden hut – but how different it looks!

    To God be the glory!

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